We Are Here To Promote A Healthier YOU

Our goal is to make the process of getting into shape a rewarding, fun and above all productive experience. We pride ourselves on creating a warm, inviting and non-intimidating environment for people of all ages and fitness levels.

We have a dynamic team of highly experienced guys and girls with a variety of sporting and academic backgrounds, all passionate about bringing meaningful health and fitness changes to their clients.

All our private sessions are individually tailored to your goals and abilities and contain plenty of variety.

Contact us anytime to discuss how we can assist you achieve your health & fitness goals.


One on One Training

At Incentive we tailor all our private sessions to meet your goals and abilities. Many of our clients have never exercised before or had a bad experience with exercise in the past. Our goal is to create a healthier and happier YOU.


Group Training

Group PT is a high intensity Cardio and Resistance training class for those on the run. This express class is fantastic for beginners who may prefer a shorter class and perfect for experienced clients who want a high intensity, whole body challenge.


Seniors Training

Keeping fit and healthy at any age is important, from the youngest members of the community to those who are retired. Everyone can benefit from exercise. The best method to stay young at heart is regular exercise. As we age our bodies change and need different things. Seniors fitness classes are a great way to keep fit without causing yourself injury or overdoing it.


Event Training

If you are currently participating in an event and want to an edge over your opposition then let the team at Incentive help you. We have worked with professional and up and coming athletes from many sports with great results. We can tailor a program around your sport’s training demands to ensure optimal stimulation and recovery.

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All these training programs are available 6 days a week!

Monday to Saturday classes
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